The new Arctic is a 21st century frontier; no longer the cold, white, and remote region of the past. The new Arctic reflects—and drives—change for life on earth.

A video report from Expedition 001 in South Greenland with the Climate Change Institute of the University of Maine.

A shore crew returns to ArcticEarth.

ArcticEarth Expeditions is a 6-year commitment by Compass Light Productions to position a vessel and a professional crew in the new Arctic, extending 30 years of filmmaking work in the area. The 56′ vessel and crew are also available for full vessel charter by other media-makers, field scientists, & small groups of explorers.

Our focus: to deepen engagement and access to Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea -plus the southern gateway that is the Gulf of Maine- within a planetary context.

Arctic + Earth.

A Compass Light film, featuring Natuk Olsen, a Greenlandic Food Ethnographer, and filmmaker/presenter David Conover.

Expeditions: NORTH & SOUTH

Our expeditions benefit from long-term relationships, placed-based exploration & storytelling, and multi-year data sets.

Operations are guided by the framework of the Arctic Council—including the principle of consultation and integration of Arctic Indigenous communities and other Arctic inhabitants. We work within the yacht guidelines of the Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO), the Polar Code, SOLAS, UK Blue Code, and the US Coast Guard.

Expeditions are organized into NORTH and SOUTH program areas.



Greenland & Canada

2024 May: Maine to South Greenland. 

2024 June-July-August: west coast of Greenland. 

2024 Aug-Sept: southeast and east Greenland.

2024 Sept-Oct: Greenland to Newfoundland to Maine.



The Gulf of Maine & Canadian Maritime Gateway

2024 Due to the long season NORTH this year, there are no trips being planned for SOUTH.

s/v ArcticEarth

The s/v ArcticEarth is a cutter-rigged 2016 Good Hope 56’, designed for Arctic waters by Ed Joy, of Ed Joy Designs at Lyman-Morse. The sturdy aluminum vessel is outfitted as a safe, versatile, wind-powered expedition platform. It is well-insulated and heated, with lots of light in its pilothouse, a large working cockpit with cut-away transom and dive platform, and a custom keel and rudder that swing up to avoid shoals and access hidden refuges.

Who We Are

Captain Magnus Day has over 15 years of high-latitude experience

ArcticEarth combines world-class high-latitude expedition support WITH a science/culture filmmaking team that has been listed in the Global Top 100 production companies.

Sunrise Earth, Discovery HD Theater Channel. Behind-the-scenes with Compass Light Productions in Alaska

Compass Light crew using drone in Iceland

Capacities: Facilitating inter-cultural experiences in outports and capital cities, plus a range of ancillary media production and field research activities, such as: aerial surveys & cinematography, scuba & underwater cinematography, ROVs, vessel-to-vessel shooting, sea sampling, ice coring, carbon drawdown work, sea floor surveying and mapping, plankton tows & more…

The ArcticEarth Journal

Each issue features first-person writings from Director David Conover, plus news and resources from ArcticEarth expedition crews and the communities we visit.