Our Arctic Films

Selected works from over 30 years of marine and Arctic filmmaking.

Svalbard 24-hour Day (Discovery) -Svalbard, Norway

Passage (NRK broadcaster in Norway, w/New Film Co) -Norway, Newfoundland

Haunted Cry of a Long Gone Bird (PBS Nova. w/ New Film Co) -Newfoundland

Yankee in Kamchatka (PBS Adventure, w/ New Film Co) -Kamchatka, Siberia

Hiking in Bear Country (PBS Trailside w/ New Media) -Alaska

Kayaking in Tidewater Glaciers (PBS Trailside) -Alaska

Volcano Lagoon (Discovery) -Alaska

Homer Takeoff (Discovery)- Alaska

Fjord Swimmers (Overseas Adventure Travel) -Iceland

The Vikings (PBS NOVA) -Greenland, Labrador, Newfoundland

Fed by Solar Tide (Discovery) -British Columbia, Canada

Ninagiak Island (Discovery) -Alaska

Glacier of Kenai Fjords (Discovery) -Alaska

Katmai Bears (Discovery) -Alaska

Vancouver Inside Passage (Discovery) -Canada west coast

Icelandic Geyser (Discovery) -Iceland

Midnight Sun of Svalbard (Discovery) – Svalbard, Norway

The Iceland Puffin Patrol (Overseas Adventure Travel) -Westman I., Iceland

Atmosphere of a Violent Star (Discovery) -Svalbard, Norway

Scandinavian Waterfall (Discovery) -Iceland


Iceland Glacier Lagoon (CuriosityStream) -Iceland

Young Earth of the Reykjanes Peninsula (CuriosityStream) -Iceland

Svalbard Companions (Discovery) -Svalbard, Norway

BC Bull Kelp (Discovery) -British Columbia Canada

Dawn Residents of British Columbia (Discovery) -British Columbia Canada

Overseas in Iceland (Overseas Adventure Travel) -Iceland

Overseas in Greenland (Overseas Adventure Travel) -Greenland

The Mortal Sea (PBS)- In-production 2021, was shot in Alaska’s Aleutian Islands and the Labrador coast.