2022 ArcticEarth NORTH: Labrador Sea & Baffin Bay

May 12 – 20. MAINE to NEWFOUNDLAND (OFFSHORE). (booked) 

May 22 – 31. NEWFOUNDLAND to GREENLAND.  (booked) 

June 4 – 14. SOUTH GREENLAND. (booked) We sail under the granite cliffs of Tasermuit Fjord, a world-class climbing site south of Nanortalik.  Also, the massive tidewater glaciers of Sondre Sermilik, the Uunartoq Hot Spring, and a gem of a cultural hub called Qaqortoq.

June 18 – 28. SOUTH GREENLAND. (booked) Narsaq to Nuuk includes the hidden dive site in Ikka Fjord (Tufa Columns), an offshore sail, and an inshore passage through some of the most spectacular islands on the southwest coast.

July 2 – 12. SOUTH GREENLAND. (booked) Nuuk to Ilulissat.  Expedition crew flies into Nuuk and explores this fascinating mini urban-type area.  Then sail north with a stop in Maniisoq, numerous glacier hikes, Sisimiut, before arrival in Ilulissat and the spectacular Sermeq Kujalleq (Greenland’s fastest moving tidewater glacier) and Disko Bay. 

July 15 – 20. GREENLAND. (booked) Private Group. 

July 22 – Aug 8. GREENLAND. (booked) Ilulissat to Qeqertarsuaq on Disko Island, to Atta Fjord, to Nugssuaq, Niaqornaq, and Ummannaq.

Aug 15 – 31. GREENLAND and BAFFIN and LABRADOR. (booked) We start in Ummannaq, Greenland.  Then travel south inside Disko Island through the spectacular Disko Bay, and outside Sermeq Kujalleq (Greenland’s fastest moving tidewater glacier), before arrival in Sisimiut. From there, we go offshore across Davis Strait to Baffin Island, and then south to the legendary landscape and hiking of the Torngat Mountains in northern Labrador, before ending in Nain, Labrador.  

Sept 4  – Oct 7. NAIN to MAINE (OFFSHORE). (booked) Individual berths available for $3,000 per week.


There is a lot going on in the New Arctic. Here are a few cultural and scientific topics we track: Regional Carbon Drawdown Efforts, Animal Allies of the Inuit, Biodiversity Monitoring, Greenland Ice Sheet Melt, SmartICE and Inuit Knowledge of Landscape, ProgramWild-Caught Fisheries, Open-pit Uranium Mining in Greenland, Marine Sanctuaries and No-Fish Zones, Northwest Passage, Post-Colonial Polar Science, Sea Ice Mapping, Marine Microbiology, Oil Pollution, Coldwater Sharks, Greenland Agriculture, Sub-Polar Meteorology, Monitoring Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, Glacier Geochronology, Community Black Carbon, Arctic Phytoplankton Blooms, Indigenous Diet, Coastal Litter, Community Refrigerant Collection, Underwater Noise Monitoring in the Arctic, Seabed Methane Monitoring, Arctic Microplastics, Marine Mammal Genetics, Community Climate Resilience, Arctic Social Enterprise, Sea Floor & Coastal Aerial Mapping, Northern Tourism, Kayak History, Greenhouse Gas Exchange among Ice/Water/Atmosphere, Abrupt Climate Change, Polar Bear Monitoring, Coralline Algae Climate Recorders, Sustainable Development, Sub-Polar Ocean Genomics.

ArcticEarth expeditioners get restored at the hot spring in Uunartoq (98-100 F, 37-38 C). The distant shore is the site where the Uunartoq Disk (an 800-year-old Norse sun compass) was found in 1948 by Danish archaeologist Christen Vebaek.

Agriculture in Greenland (2019 report).  Warmer and highly unpredictable weather allows for crops and livestock here, where all land is publicly owned. Private property rights do not exist.

Nalumasortoq, Greenland.  “Tasermiut is a paradise, not only for rock climbing but also because it is possible to experience what it’s like to live in the real wilderness.” Federica Mingolla, from article in American Alpine Club, 2020

A mix of cultures. The Inuit and the Norse have both settled this land over time.  Here, the Arctic Guide Aqqaluaq shows the replica Hall at Eric the Red’s farm in Qassiarsuk.

2022 and 2023 ArcticEarth SOUTH: The Gulf of Maine Gateway

Mt. Desert Rock.  Very few people visit the outer islands in November, February, and March. Animals like these grey seals depend on that!

Nov 2022.  (open) Individual berths available for $3,000 per week. (please inquire)

We are the only wind-powered live aboard available for charter in the Gulf of Maine during November, late February, and March.  Departures from Portland, Maine include a stop in Canada.

Sept 4 – Oct 7.  NAIN to MAINE.  (TBD – inquire if interested)

May 15 – 24, 2023   MAINE to NEWFOUNDLAND.  (TBD – inquire if interested)

For our spring and fall transits NORTH, we sail through the night offshore on a watch system, with all hands participating in the operation of the vessel. A distinctive once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a group of friends or family members. Or just folks looking for time and experience offshore!

Topics we track: Regional Carbon Drawdown Efforts, Offshore Wind Power, Ocean Farming, Kelp and Shellfish Aquaculture, Wild-Caught Fisheries, Maine Red Paint People, Wabanaki Maritime Heritage, Marine Sanctuaries & No-Fish Zones, Developing Hybrid Electric Boats, Marine Microbiology, Invasive Species, Marine Mammal Genetics, Carbon Sequestration Efforts, Community Climate Resilience, Right Whale Mortality, Migratory Seabird Counts, Findings using Ocean eDNA and Water Sampling, Sustainable Development.