2023 ArcticEarth NORTH: Labrador Sea & Baffin Bay

Offshore & Coastal: Camden to Petty Harbor, Canada

May 1 - 10 (booked) Adventure sailing crosses the Gulf of Maine, then heads offshore Nova Scotia past Sable Island and the small French islands of Ste Pierre and Miquelon. After approximately 900 miles at sea, we make landfall at Gull Island on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland. We do not go ashore... since we're here to observe some of the 260,000 pairs of nesting Atlantic Puffins in the protected Witless Bay Ecological Preserve. Petty Harbor is our port-of-call, with a possible short coastal hop to St. John's. We'll have the Refleks and radiators going for this one!

Offshore & Coastal: St. John's to Sisimiut, Greenland

May 14 - 24 (available for Single Berth booking) Adventure sailing crosses 1,000 miles of the Labrador Sea before making landfall on the west coast of Greenland and proceeding northward along the stunning coast to Ilulissat.

Research: West Greenland

May 28 - June 7 (booked) The Climate Change Institute of UMaine is aboard for its multi-year coastal water sampling program. What chemistry is being unlocked from the melting ice? See ArcticEarth Journal EXPEDITION 001 for detail.

Coastal: Disko Bay, Greenland

June 10 – 20 (booked)  Expedition members fly into Ilulissat to board ArcticEarth. We immediately enter the steady stream of icebergs that pour out of Disko Bay. The mighty Kangia Glacier (formerly known as Jacobshavn) moves at speeds up to 80 feet per day. This is the fastest moving glacier in Greenland. Shore hikes and town visits alternate with coastal sailing and ice piloting, amidst the 24-hour sun, here above the Arctic Circle. 

Coastal: Disko Bay to Sisimiut, Greenland

June 23 – July 7 (available for Full Vessel booking)  Expedition members fly into Ilulissat to board ArcticEarth. Amidst the huge icebergs of Disko Bay, we seek hide-away coves for rest and shore hikes. After exploring Disko Island, we hope to hop a ride with the southerly breeze, along the coast with stops at a couple of working waterfronts in Aasiaat and Attu, before landing in Sisimiut.

Filming: West Greenland

July 10 – Aug 7 (partially booked, some weeks open!) A Compass Light film/underwater expedition that will visit various sites between Disko and Paamiut.


Dive & Sail: Paamiut to Narsaq, Greenland

Aug 10 – Aug 19 (available for Full Vessel booking) You fly into Paamiut to start this trip. A nearby check dive leads into a coastal cruise amidst the archipelago south of Paamiut towards Arsuk, stopping for 2 dives exploring grounded icebergs. The Ikka Columns Garden in the Ikka Fjord is our primary dive destination, the only place in the world where one can view underwater Tufa columns, made of Ikaite. These 30- to 80-foot-high columns were formed over 10,000 years ago. We will attempt to make at least 3-4 dives in this Fjord, over the course of 2-3 days.  The columns are colonized by bivalves, snails, tunicates, sea anemones, sea urchins as well as tubeworms and encrusting algae. Sailing through the steep fjords, we will be on the lookout for additional iceberg dives or swing by a cliffside kittiwake colony and drop in for a wall dive. Expedition members will depart in Narsaq.  Qualifications: Divers must have logged at least 20 cold-water dives. Group size for this trip is limited to 4 people or less.

Dive & Sail: Narsaq to Qassiarsuk

Aug 22 – Sept 2 (available for Full Vessel booking)  This is a second opportunity to book a dive trip to Ikka Fjord (description above). We approach from the south and cover the itinerary above, with the exception of Paamiut. The expedition begins in Narsaq and ends in Narsarsuaq, with the added bonus of visiting the World Heritage Site at Qassiarsuk, the ancestral Norse home of Eric the Red.

Coastal: Cape Farewell & Beyond

Sept 7 – Sept 26 (available for Full Vessel booking) This trip explores one of the most remote ice-bound areas of coastal Greenland, around its southern-most tip and into the southeastern extremity. After the last village of Aappilattoq, there are almost 500 miles of un-populated coastline and fjords before reaching the village of Tasiilaq. Only 6,000 people live on the entire 1,800 mile long east coast.

Coastal & Offshore: Qaqortok to St John's Canada

Sept 29 - Oct 10 (available for Single Berth booking) We begin in the amazing little town of Qaqortoq. After some coastal sailing to the hot springs of Uunartoq, we push off for the offshore crossing, traveling 900 miles through the Labrador Sea before making landfall on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland Canada. Stand lookout for icebergs with your watch mates. Learn how the winds and currents of this waterway work. This is pure wind-powered adventure!

ArcticEarth expeditioners get restored at the hot spring in Uunartoq, Greenland (98-100 F, 37-38 C). The distant shore is the site where the Uunartoq Disk (an 800-year-old Norse sun compass) was found in 1948 by Danish archaeologist Christen Vebaek.

There is a lot going on in the New Arctic. Here are a few cultural and scientific topics we track: Regional Carbon Drawdown Efforts, Animal Allies of the Inuit, Biodiversity Monitoring, Greenland Ice Sheet Melt, SmartICE and Inuit Knowledge of Landscape, Wild-Caught Fisheries, Open-pit Uranium Mining in Greenland, Marine Sanctuaries and No-Fish Zones, Northwest Passage, Post-Colonial Polar Science, Sea Ice Mapping, Marine Microbiology, Oil Pollution, Coldwater Sharks, Greenland Agriculture, Sub-Polar Meteorology, Monitoring Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, Glacier Geochronology, Community Black Carbon, Arctic Phytoplankton Blooms, Indigenous Diet, Coastal Litter, Community Refrigerant Collection, Underwater Noise Monitoring in the Arctic, Seabed Methane Monitoring, Arctic Micro-plastics, Marine Mammal Genetics, Community Climate Resilience, Arctic Social Enterprise, Sea Floor & Coastal Aerial Mapping, Northern Tourism, Kayak History, Greenhouse Gas Exchange among Ice/Water/Atmosphere, Abrupt Climate Change, Polar Bear Monitoring, Coralline Algae Climate Recorders, Sustainable Development, Sub-Polar Ocean Genomics.

2023 ArcticEarth SOUTH: The Gulf of Maine Gateway

Mt. Desert Rock. Very few people visit the outer islands in March and April. Animals like these grey seals depend on that!

Topics we track: Regional Carbon Drawdown Efforts, Offshore Wind Power, Ocean Farming, Kelp and Shellfish Aquaculture, Wild-Caught Fisheries, Maine Red Paint People, Wabanaki Maritime Heritage, Marine Sanctuaries & No-Fish Zones, Developing Hybrid Electric Boats, Marine Microbiology, Invasive Species, Marine Mammal Genetics, Carbon Sequestration Efforts, Community Climate Resilience, Right Whale Mortality, Migratory Seabird Counts, Findings using Ocean eDNA and Water Sampling, Sustainable Development.

April 15  MAINE to CANADA to MAINE (available for Full Vessel booking). Explore the Gulf of Maine at a time of year when you are all alone!

May 7 – 16  MAINE to ST JOHN’S NEWFOUNDLAND (booked)


For our spring and fall transits between the SOUTH and NORTH, we sail through the night offshore on a watch system, with all hands participating in the operation of the vessel. A distinctive once-in-a-lifetime adventure for a group of friends or family members. Or just folks looking for time and experience offshore!